Thursday, September 25, 2008

comfort zone

thank you wano for the last two pics (: (eh my hands look huge kan!)

shamelessly i admit i'm really lovin' the black and white and muted editings. perhaps i'll take out my film camera for the upcoming eid. i must make a mental reminder to get some expired films. and i wanna try holga and lomo and medium format! sigh. and i really wanna try using leica. guy berryman makes it look so hot. and nikon's d90, woah super tempting. check this out too. back on planet earth, i'm just saving for 50mm portrait lens :(

but most of all, i'm really excited about the tutu shoot. so first, i should probably pick up the tutu! i trust the make up will be in good hands, rockstar? so that's checked. now... i need assistant, any takers?

sorry i sidetracked a little. i actually wanted to say how much i enjoyed meeting up with you all (probably the only three-four girls who frequent my site; alims you were with us albeit only through our hearing sense! ;p). i can't believe i don't know how to operate my handphone for loud speaker!! one cannot get any sillier right? but maybe it was a good thing, else the whole place would talk to you too. i can tell you were smiling ear to ear anyways. hope the entrance test went well and hope that less than 7min phonecall cheer your day (:

i really wanted to remember all of shaz's jokes! half of what's left of my secondary school memories are those concerning the nightmarish system and being insanely scared for physics. i can get rather pessimistic these days. i can't believe i forgot about being a part of a (successful) plan to wake a certain sleepyhead in class,
and man am i proud of how ungossipy i was back then or what! ;) having said that though, i can't believe i didn't know about the faisol joke before! seriously! i feel so sorry to have the funniest joke at the expense of others but its nice to know our sense of humor is still the same. sort of. haha.

it is always so much fun to see how much we have grown, i mean eventhough we haven't really change much in the maturity area. but what's the rush right? lol. really... artsy fartsy eel, rockstar shaz (complete with the attitude), The Content Dya and wano with the new bf (did i just typed that??) (:

i don't think i can really express how much you girls mean to me, and how very well i wish you all. shaz, don't skip school please. i'm trying to do the same too. a bad attempt, but an attempt nevertheless. it is improving, if you must know! hehe.

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