Sunday, October 12, 2008

my english teacher said:

"...marry someone who loves you, not someone you love."

some of my friends thought differently though; "marry someone who loves you more!"

Monday, October 6, 2008


i have always admire a person with wit and charm. haji here have both. and a great sense of humour at that too. he is such a pleasure to talk to. i can't wait to develop this picture and send it to him. it is kinda exciting, snail-mailing is.

what touches my sisters and i so much was the fact that he could remember the exact book he had when we came for visit the year before. it was a lonely planet library book. memory; it is definitely weird and unique. don't think we will ever understand them fully! i was reading a lot more about diseases concerning memories after i watched the notebook sometime back (i am saddened that ryan and rachel split up, again!). it really is fascinating... and really scary.

ted has really great library of videos that are interesting and inspirational. this particular one is of jill bolte taylor talking about the time she had a stroke. there's just something about the way she delivers...

Friday, October 3, 2008

my eid

of course if what my dear 'alima wrote in her blog about her first eid in syam is any likely to be true (pffft :p) then in a million years can my eid in singapore ever beat hers! nay not jealous... just SUPER jealous. i'm going to spend my ramadhan and eid with y'all there next year, so stay put okay!


routine visit to both grandparents home, but this year i didn't even used up a single memory card! anybody who knows me well would know i never ever delete and almost always take picture multiburstly. so this is major! i'm quite surprised myself. fat chance with the film camera. i think i was just not in the mood :|

however, i do have some photos to share:

bapak was so worried (for lack of better word) that my uncle would dirty his white baju kurung, so he suggested the apron! hilarious.

a lot of laughter basically.

and my super awesome cousins who cannot make the day any less joyous.

gotta help each other look pretty y'know.

that's bapak and that was my cheeky cousin's hand with the money packets. i NEVER have good portrait shots of myself. it is either blurry or my sis trying to be funny, like this one, she cropped half of my face.

big boy muhammad getting ready to visit his other grandparents'.

and of course, the must have family shots.

and this one is of my relatives from malaysia. i never put my hand up for journey prayers..! my uncle was leading the prayers i think. i so admire this!

bapak on sphagetti

my grandfather, who i call bapak, cracked me up so much. i can be very sad, and be all smiley next second if i think about him. he probably didn't realize how much he means to me! anyway i have to share this, even if it doesn't make any sense to you! but it sure was funny when my sis recalled it back to me.

this was during first day eid. my dad was in the living room watching tv when bapak asked him:
bapak: midon [refering to my father] tak makan eketip?
tim [my sis, who happened to be there too]: huh?
bapak: eketip
tim: huh? ape tu?
bapak: alaaa eketip. mee tu yang ada kat dapur.
tim: oh, sphagetti lah pak.
bapak: ah pagetip. makan lah.