Wednesday, December 31, 2008


although i really enjoyed working, it was time for me to start thinking about school again (although how i was not to think about school was quite impossible). it's just that i haven't touch my final year project (fyp) since the assessment day. and i want to resubmit it to my lecturer soon. argh, school is such a chore (i'll try not to rant so much this year insyaallah).

last day of work was like any other day, although the office was half full. a lot of people was on leave for christmas and extended it to the new year. luckily we had a company luncheon the week before, so i got to see everyone. they are quite a bunch (:

art director (also my supervisor), web designer, designer and design intern

i think i need to learn editing raw pictures. the above colours look horrible right? fir, help please.

last day of work
the day started like any other day, the auntie at the carpark toll greeted me enthusiastically when i passed by. i have noted her that day was my last day. when it was time to leave, she gave me a faux orange-y stalk of rose and pointed that she has another identical stalk right next to her drawer. it was all too cute (: few days before she gave me two piece of pineapple and grape flavoured jelly to thank the double slice of chocolate cake i had given her the day before. she is really so sweet, never fail to say hi and asked how my lunch were and all that. i have never thought of asking her name, but i do know that she has been working there for 13 long years. woho.

so you could imagine, i did a lot of clicking that day.

that's at the pantry. the only window in the office i can look out if my eyes got too tired. it's overlooking an old cemetery and the mosque. since my desk is two steps away from the pantry, i can smell coffee when my collegues are making thier cups everyday, yuum :D i'm going to miss a lot of things actually, but nothing unbearable i think. i'm going to miss the free flow of magazines, for example hehe. most importantly, i'm going to miss the view outside the office.

and the walk from the mrt station to the office. and the long walk for lunch as well. i love that i can choose tons of halal food place to go. but the others thought i was crazy to walk so far.

there's this rat that died on the pavement walkway near the station. scared me and my supervisor to death. i passed by it everyday, but i try to take another route after that. the dead rat was in the middle of the pavement and stayed there, i suppose, until now. it was already flat the last i saw. probably a bicycle ran on top of it. we can see the tiny feet and tail. it's really gross actually, but i couldn't get myself to move it to the side on the grass.

i'm going to miss the mosque too. if it's not for working there, i would never have stepped into it. it's such a cute mosque! initially i thought there isn't a place allocate for women.

so that's that. my name will appear in january issue of this! it's all very exciting for me. and the promotional posters i help designed will be on newstands and seven-eleven stores, i think. but one thing for sure, it will be blown up mural size at pasir ris. i've yet to check that out though. it's just a teeny thing but its something new for me :D

after work that day, i visited lisa at her workplace, which was at the heart of the CBD area. it is so different from my own workplace where everyone was dressed down with shorts, jeans and slippers. she bought me to the other part of the office that she's working in, and boyyy the view... awesome! i wish i could sit there and draw! it refreshing to be so high up and not be bothered with the hussle below.
i was like a tourist in my own country! and lisa just laughed away (she's from china, btw). the corridor at the 36th floor was lined with huge paintings, it's really a different environment altogether.

and later that night, to end my last day of work (actually that's not the occasion at all), my mom and sisters and my elder sister's fiance had dinner at a seafood restaurant. it was my sisters treat. i stuffed myself silly.

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