Friday, October 3, 2008

bapak on sphagetti

my grandfather, who i call bapak, cracked me up so much. i can be very sad, and be all smiley next second if i think about him. he probably didn't realize how much he means to me! anyway i have to share this, even if it doesn't make any sense to you! but it sure was funny when my sis recalled it back to me.

this was during first day eid. my dad was in the living room watching tv when bapak asked him:
bapak: midon [refering to my father] tak makan eketip?
tim [my sis, who happened to be there too]: huh?
bapak: eketip
tim: huh? ape tu?
bapak: alaaa eketip. mee tu yang ada kat dapur.
tim: oh, sphagetti lah pak.
bapak: ah pagetip. makan lah.

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