Monday, October 6, 2008


i have always admire a person with wit and charm. haji here have both. and a great sense of humour at that too. he is such a pleasure to talk to. i can't wait to develop this picture and send it to him. it is kinda exciting, snail-mailing is.

what touches my sisters and i so much was the fact that he could remember the exact book he had when we came for visit the year before. it was a lonely planet library book. memory; it is definitely weird and unique. don't think we will ever understand them fully! i was reading a lot more about diseases concerning memories after i watched the notebook sometime back (i am saddened that ryan and rachel split up, again!). it really is fascinating... and really scary.

ted has really great library of videos that are interesting and inspirational. this particular one is of jill bolte taylor talking about the time she had a stroke. there's just something about the way she delivers...

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