Friday, November 14, 2008

put on a suit

so i waited for a week only to be rejected, rather unceremoniously. failure, rejection part and parcel of life yada yada yada. but it's okay, at least the person who got the job is really good, you know. else i would feel really sucky :D so i told my dear opinionated cousin and mum, both reacted similarly. i doubt it, but apparently it is hard to ignore. if all else fails sings yori, i could put on a suit and look just like one of you. well, i am organized to be an assistant of some sort, so that could work. keep my options open, you know ;)

on another note, i just send another cousin off to cairo. at this rate, i'll probably be cousin-less at the end of the year.

Video mode, silly from Fika Hamidon on Vimeo.

second last haul for school. then Burden will be on holiday mode till next term starts, which is not till after new year.

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